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Sweet Red Bean & Cacao Granola

Sweet Red Bean & Cacao Granola

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[organic  vegan  gluten-free  refined sugar free]         

Sweet Red Bean & Cacao is a limited edition flavor that was inspired by a nostalgic Korean winter treat, hodu-gwaja (walnut pastry), typically filled with sweet red bean paste and walnuts served warm and toasty. 

We used a combination of these carefully selected ingredients to create a sweet and hearty experience that is truly indulgent.

  • Sweet red bean [단팥] paste is rich and slightly nutty in flavor and gives the granola hearty crunch
  • Walnuts are sourced from Valley Walnut and go through a patented process to remove the rough papery skin to that gives it its bitter taste
  • Cacao nibs deliver just the right amount of chocolate goodness


Ingredients: organic gluten-free oats, organic gluten-free brown rice crisps, organic red bean, organic date syrup, coconut sugar, organic cacao nibs, non-GMO walnuts (Valley Walnut), avocado oil, pink himalayan salt

Allergens: walnuts

Made in small batches in Los Angeles, CA

Net Wt. 9oz.

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